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Chloe B & Kylie H – abbywinters

By Sugarcut
10 January 2012 22,422 views

Shoot highlights from abbywinters.com.

Its your last few weeks at work and you’ve got a huge crush on a colleague you might not see again, what would you do………? Chloe enters our offices for one of her last ever times and for the past months she’s had the torment of sitting behind Kylie, lusting after her and not being able to act on it.

Watching Kylie’s beautiful slim and long legs she can resist no longer, sliding over to her desk Chloe brushes Kylie’s long dark hair to on side, giggling and flirting. The flirting though is just postponing what each girl really wants. Turning round and passionatly kissing Kylie exposes Chole’s large breasts and pale skin and from that point onwards there’s no stopping these two, not even if they’re caught in the act!

Shoot highlights from abbywinters.com.

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