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Esmerelda & Irmina – Abbywinters

By Sugarcut
26 March 2013 9,567 views

shoot highlights from abbywinters.com.

Shoot highlights from abbywinters.com.

About Abbywinters

“To call abbywinters.com a “porn site” would be a tremendous disservice and misrepresentation. Traditional “porn” sites exploit women. abbywinters.com is truly an artistic representation of female sexuality. One is rarely, if ever, left with an impression that a model is performing. Moreover, it oft appears to be a personal and true exploration of the model’s sexuality. How refreshing to witness an actual orgasm! abbywinters.com presentation is unparalleled as the viewer, or voyeur, is given license to view intimacy so deep and sacred as to form a greater respect and admiration of feminine sexuality. Personally, abbywinters.com has taught me to have a greater respect for women and their respective sexuality where traditional “porn sites” teaches one to objectify women. I am grateful for my membership and have the greatest respect for the collective group of models who oft start and end my day. Long live Abby Winters!” – Member

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