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About Ifeelmyself.com

By Sugarcut
4 June 2010 118,604 views

Ifeelmyself.com is a beautifully designed and structured site dedicated to ‘real, natural, and ethical representations of female self-pleasure.’ With over four years worth of high quality videos in the archive (the most recent ones being in HD) it’s well worth the very reasonable price of admission, and you will be rewarded with some very well-produced content featuring ordinary women and no hilariously histrionic orgasm fakery.

The majority of videos are shot in studio using multiple cameras which capture the action from all different angles. There is also a home-made section which features videos the women have shot of themselves in their own home, and a section called Fantasy & Adventure, which film a contributor’s ‘fantasy scenario, or re-enact an unusual masturbation experience; all the orgasm sequences are absolutely genuine, unscripted and shot in documentary style, mostly with multiple camera angles.’
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user review:
“Hello from a new French fan ! I’ve just discovered your marvelous project : it’s a hymn to sensuality, love, femininity… I’ve never seen such kind of beautiful aim on the web regarding sexuality. My wife, who isn’t usually attracted by erotism on web, told me that your website matches exactly with her way to live feminine sexuality, as masturbation is an important part for both of us. Thanks again! Best regards, ” ›› ›› Alain 12/7/09

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user review:
“I would just like to say, “Thank you.” Your website is one (if not the best) website out on the web that really captures a woman’s sexuality and the pure art of the female orgasm. Now as a man, I watch your videos and don’t think of it a porn, but more like erotic art. The women are naturally beautiful. When they let go of themselves their facial expressions and body language says it all. Bravo IFM.com. I will tell all my male and female friends about your site. ” ›› ›› Edward. 6/7/09

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user review:
“With tremendous gratitude…I can not thank all of you who have created, and continue to run this site, enough. Quite honestly. It is arguably the most mature, diverse, authentic, and truly “erotic” web site to which I have ever been. I am a “veteran” of pornographic presentation in all its forms and i need to say that what you are doing here has nothing to do with pornography. Truly well done. I have been meaning to correspond for some time now and am very happy that I have finally expressed to you how wonderful this site is. Please don’t stop doing the voodoo that you do so well. I will always be a supporter and should you ever find, for what ever reason, that this beautiful project is ever in jeopardy of ceasing to be… I would graciously and humbly ask you to contact me and other subscribers for help. I am certain that I am not the only one out here who would do whatever is necessary to keep this beautiful “creature” you have been kind enough to share, thriving… Much gratitude and encouragement, “ ›› Marc 8/3/09

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